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Lisa Hedin is the Founder and CEO of The Training Academy for Medical Cannabis. When medical cannabis and CBD started becoming more prevalent in the United States, she realized that there was a lack of education in the medical community.


Lisa has spent most of her 25 year nursing career as an educator. She has been recently awarded "Clinical Educator of the Year" at a global meeting in Las Vegas.  When Lisa identifies a need for education, she is not afraid to go after and find the best resources to ensure her audience gets the best training possible.

Lisa Hedin, RN is a cannabis nurse who trains nurses to become cannabis nurse consultants. She now tours the US helping other nurses to get in on the ground floor of this cannabis evolution.


Lisa started her career as a nurse and due to major losses of loved ones in her life from painful diseases,  she searched for ways to help others in pain.  In her search for alternatives to pain medications, Lisa discovered the beneficial properties of cannabis. 

As a cannabis nurse, Lisa leverages the expertise of her own practice and the network she has built to help new cannabis nurse consultants to bring in clients quickly.  She also trains cannabis nurse consultants on the best practices that is constantly evolving in cannabis education through live events.

She is constantly studying and starting the conversation about cannabis because she feels strong about the plant with all the medicinal benefits it can bring to the patient. Lisa recently became a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, the Medical Cannabis Institute and the Nurses Cannabis Network.  She is currently on the "Education and Research Committee" for the American Cannabis Nurses Association.  Lisa is a graduate of the Cansoom Medical Cannabis Consultant certificate program in Los Angeles, California. She is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and now resides in Charlotte, NC with her teenage son.


Since 1994, Lisa has been dedicated to nursing care in the field of nephrology. She has traveled all over the world learning and educating the kidney disease population.  For several years, she has been researching what cannabis can do for our bodies.  When she learned about the Endocannabinoid System in our bodies proven by science in 1992, it made complete sense to learn more.  Lisa is passionate in getting the proper education out there to medical professionals because she knows without a shadow of a doubt, many family members would still be alive if cannabis was available. THAT is her why!

Clinical Educator of the Year Nominee
Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee
Lisa Hedin
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