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Montel Williams discusses Lisa Hedin & the Training Academy for Medical Cannabis

Updated: Jan 25

Montel Williams is a former American television host, actor and motivational speaker. Williams is active with the nonprofit MS Foundation, which he founded after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. Every morning since his diagnosis, Williams takes a fistful of pills to ease the pain. He supplements this cocktail with cannabis and is now an advocate for medical cannabis use.

Read more about his journey with cannabis at the link below:

In June of 2020, Montel Williams publicly discussed Lisa Hedin's Cannabis Nurse Certificate Course. Check out the video below to hear what Williams has to say about the Training Academy for Medical Cannabis.

As you know, Lisa is so passionate about informing nurses and the medical community about the benefits of medical cannabis, so to see a public figure such as Montel Williams share his own story and the positive experience he has had with cannabis in relation to his MS diagnosis is just another reason we will continue to see widespread acceptance, legalization and usage of medical cannabis in the United States.

There's never been a better time to start your cannabis education journey! Each day that passes, we are one step closer to more and more medical communities needing educated, people needing nurse consultations and pertinent information concerning medical cannabis.

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