"I had the pleasure of hearing Lisa speak at a conference for a CBD Oil we both use and she rocked my world! Now she’s helping me to follow in her footsteps (slowly) as I admire all the work she’s doing with cannabis merging into the nursing world. She is an awesome example of leadership and I’m so blessed to have her as one of my mentors."


What Nurses Are Saying

"I really enjoyed this course with Lisa. I took this course because cannabis is what helped my husband during his chemo days and I wanted to learn more about it. Lisa is very informative and has a wealth of knowledge about CBD and Medical cannabis. She is professional and personable and made this class very enjoyable. After completing this training I have a better understanding of all the therapeutic effects of the cannabis plant but it doesn’t end there. Lisa stays connected after the course and continues to give the latest updates."


"Lisa is an excellent instructor who  provides a very supportive learning network and resources. This is exactly what i needed to pivot my business so that I can provide both online and in person services.  Not only did I learn all about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, I also learned about legal implications and how to customize the dosing methods and plant strains to get the best results."


When the pandemic quarantine was ordered I saw an opportunity on Instagram to become a cannabis Nurse. 


Lisa Hedin is the founder and instructor for her certificate program. I have known Lisa professionally for the last 20 years in the dialysis industry and she was a very respected Educator in the industry 


I explored the cannabis Nurse program and attended the webinar Lisa orchestrated to give an overview and explain her program and the opportunities available. 


I signed up for the course and it clearly exceeded my expectations. Lisa is a phenomenal, thorough, and resourceful instructor. Her program is extensive, comprehensive, and engaging to where you and other students feel a genuine passion and in-depth knowledge of medical cannabis. 


Lisa continues to be available to assist you in anyway, so that you may deliver a best practices approach in educating and supporting your patients.


"Lisa will continue to be someone I look to for information and guidance regarding all things cannabis (CBD or medical cannabis).


Lisa has been an amazing mentor! She has really been able to help me learn about CBD . She’s taught me about it's benefits, helped me become certified in CBD and how it benefits the body. She's helped me to understand CBD on a level that easy to explain to my potential clients. She’s passionate about staying up to date on all things CBD so I always know I can trust that she is giving me the best possible information. 


One of her strengths is public speaking. She knows how to help connect with an audience + communicate in a level that’s easy to understand. I would recommend Lisa for any educational opportunity or as a client wanting to take any form of cannabis."



More Reviews

"Lisa Hedin has worked 1:1 with us. She has been instrumental in helping my family and I see many measurable shifts with our health.  Her expertise has thoroughly guided me to a greater understanding of CBD oil, body physiology, and the Endocannabinoid System.


I highly regard Lisa’s skills and credentials, but most importantly I value her as a person.  She is patient and truly cares about seeing people healthy. Lisa is a visionary and leader in the community and I am very grateful for her guidance and expertise with CBD oil, and overall health in general."



"The Training Academy for Medical Cannabis is one in a million with both educating their audience and communicating with clients. It doesn't take long to know that with their medical expertise, they have knowledge to take cannabis education to the next level. The right education and information is important to this group.


Lisa in particular teaches with so much enthusiasm and drive you can't help but listen and learn from her.  When presenting or even educating to a small or large audience, she feeds off the audience and knows just what to say so you can understand it. 


It's not just about her, it's about the people who potentially want to be educated. Lisa goes above and beyond with any and everyone she meets to ensure they have the right information in their hands. 


She strives to make you a better educator and for that I will be forever grateful.  Anyone that follows her instruction, will definitely succeed."